Are you self reliant? An independent thinker? Ready to advance your career with a bachelor's degree?

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Competency Based Education

CBE is a revolutionary approach to self-guided learning for adult professionals like you who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table but need a degree to move up. 

Your Pace

Take up to 2 classes at once. Every time you finish a class, you can add another, letting you roll on through the material you know while taking your time mastering new skills.  

Your Schedule

Professors and course materials are available at your convenience, with no set classes or deadlines, making it easy for you to build an education around your life.  

One Price

Convenient annual pricing lets you pack as much or as little into your school year as you can, potentially saving you thousands as you power through courses 

Interested in learning more about CBE?

Don’t waste time busting out paper after paper in night school. Save money and earn credits for what you already know. Our dedicated CBE counselors are here to help you discover your options and decide if a competency-based program is right for you.

Amanda White

Director of Evening Undergraduate Programs & Competency Based Education

(508) 213-2150

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